A Little About Us

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Welcome to Waterinas!


Carmen and Cristina, two Spanish friends in love with the British style, found themselves in London some years ago. Sunny days were over but instead grey and foggy days were ahead, meaning long months without Vitamin D!

But grey days do not mean sad faces, thus the founders decided to create a clothing line to handle those days. The starting point? Our waterproof boots. These boots will be different: an impeccable yet understated style, complimented with a bit of the Spanish style and festivity on their models. This brand name is a mixed concept of the Spanish style ballet shoes called “bailarinas” and the typical  chelsea waterproof boots, the perfect combination in style.

In 2018, they were in contact with some young entrepreneurs who loved the idea and wanted to participate in the project, creating a flashy concept: Waterinas.

This journey begins in November 2018, Join us!


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